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If you’re ready to begin building confidence in your skills and talents, and obtain your objectives...


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The career coaching process should be all about you. Together we can establish the groundwork for a career you can enjoy indefinitely, build your self confidence, and uncover your own methods to success.

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Four Minutes That Can Change Your Life...

My life is proof that things can turn around quickly and in unexpected ways. For me, that moment came when my brother showed me an opportunity that changed everything.

This is your moment!

I want to invite you to spend four short minutes watching this presentation. Then when you're ready to get started on a new path to success, just fill out the brief Success Profile and send. If you qualify, we'll set up a quick interview to see how we can work together.


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The Importance of Belief

As you begin your Vollara career either part-time or full-time, belief will either make or break you. Our belief systems determine our activities and our results. This is a pretty big statement that deserves some explanation. First, our beliefs determine our activities. We act upon what we believe is true. Let me give an analogy.Read More...

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New Enthusiasm

Whether you are a new dealer or a seasoned Executive in Vollara, this message is for you. In 2015, a ton of new people will be flowing into your group. It is important to understand what makes new people tick and why they are most often more productive.Read More...

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A Risk-Free Business?

Going into business is a risky proposition. Imagine getting on an airliner and the flight attendant comes down the isle and says “Ladies and Gentlemen, just informing you that only 2 of every 10 passengers that buckle in will get off the plane. How many of you would strap in? Read More...